Tour Preview

We want your tour to be a thrilling, surprising experience, so we won’t spoil our routes here. But if you’re trying to get an idea of which haunted places the Charleston Terrors ghost tour includes, here’s a peek:

What’s on my ghost tour?

The Mills House Hotel

The Great Fire of 1861 decimated much of Charleston. It nearly reached the Mills House Hotel, a still-operational hotel, but was stopped short from devouring it by the efforts of soldiers and hotel staff. Unfortunately, many nearby residents were burned by the fire, and the hotel was used as a makeshift burn ward. Several residents perished in the hotel from their burns. Though the victims passed, they have never truly left this hotel…

Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon

Once the site of the military headquarters in Charleston, this massive building is teeming with Revolutionary War era spirits. During wartime, the underground dungeon jailed a number of captives, including entire families. Many died in the dungeon while imprisoned. Their tortured souls are still held prisoner inside, not even free in death…

Poogan’s Porch Restaurant
Extended Tour Exclusive

This restaurant, named for a beloved dog, may be more pleasant than a prison, but is just as paranormally active. A set of resident ghosts dwell within Poogan’s Porch hungry not for Lowcountry dining, but for affection and attention. You may get far more than what you ordered at this haunted restaurant…

Old City Jail
Extended Tour Exclusive

The worst criminals in Charleston were once kept at the Old City Jail. Subjected to cruel punishment, shackled, tortured, and starved, thousands of prisoners died at the jail. Not only did the jailed die from the brutality of their imprisonment, but executions also took place on its grounds. A deep, foreboding weight of dread, doom, and gloom hovers in the very atmosphere of this dark, dark place. This is widely considered to be one of the most haunted places in the world.