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Charleston is one of the oldest cities in America. With age comes history, and with history comes hauntings. For all of the city’s natural beauty and gorgeous architecture, its pristine appearance cannot hide the paranormal activity that creeps in Charleston’s shadow. The Holy City is undeniably haunted. Charleston is considered one of the most haunted places in the Lowcountry, the South, America, and the entire world.

With so much harrowing ground to cover, Charleston Terrors tour takes guests to the best of the best hotbeds of supernatural activity. Each location on our route has been thoughtfully chosen, out of many possible options, to give guests more thriller and less filler.

On our Charleston Terrors ghost tour, you will visit the most haunted places in the city and have the opportunity to feel the eerie, chilling presences hovering in and around each location. To further enhance the frightening nature of these already unsettling places, you’ll learn the history that lived (and lives on) in each place. Every account you’ll hear on our tour has been fact-checked, thoroughly researched, and revised.

When you know the full, true stories behind each location we visit, your tour experience becomes that much more terrifying. It’s one thing to be spooked by a made-up ghost story. It’s another thing entirely to know that there is real, documented evidence to the things you might not be able to believe you’ve seen, heard, or felt. With every step on our tour routes, you walk deeper and deeper into the darkest depths of history.

Charleston Terrors is a tour open to anyone curious about Charleston’s haunted reputation. Visitors can explore the city and sightsee in an unforgettable, unique way. Locals can delight in a fresh look at their hometown. History buffs and paranormal enthusiasts will both appreciate the tour, although you don’t have to be an expert in history or the supernatural in order to enjoy our tour. Our Charleston Terrors ghost tour is suited for all who want to see just how haunted Charleston really is, and for all who want to know how and why it’s so haunted.

After experiencing our tour, you’ll leave with greater knowledge about Charleston, its history, its paranormal activity, and its local culture. Guests will have a different perspective on one of the oldest cities in America, and on the nature of the divisions between “our world” and the “spirit world.” You will carry home haunting memories from a extraordinary time well-spent.

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Why is Charleston so haunted?

Charleston is so haunted due to its age. The city was founded in 1670, and by the 1800s grew into a bustling, wealthy city, due to its convenient location on the water and cash crop farming.

Then, in 1861, the Civil War began at Fort Sumter in the city’s harbor. The war ravaged Charleston, and economic losses new construction impossible. Instead, the city had to rebuild and repair the damaged buildings it already possessed. While Charleston’s historic buildings have managed to survive since then, the long centuries of history and conflict have trapped many spirits inside.

Because of its proximity to open waters, pirates often descended upon the city. At least one known pirate crew, led by an associate of Blackbeard named Stede Bonnet, was hanged in Charleston. The raucous and vengeful spirits are believed to have left behind.

Most importantly, the cruelty in the city’s history of crime and punishment has led to some especially disgruntled ghosts haunting the places of their suffering, such as the city’s historic prisons. Though Charleston is a gorgeous place, there is a profound ugliness to its history, especially in this aspect, from both criminals and their punishers. It is these places that are the most paranormally active of all, as perhaps the ghostly prisoners are constantly still trying to escape, even after death.

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Much like the Constitution, there are some guidelines that we must follow.

  • Remain calm.

    It could be just Lincoln saying hello. Don't panic!

  • Be polite.

    These spirits may have been the past leaders of this land. Much like a grandparent, please be polite if you're graced with their presence!

  • Do not provoke the spirits.

    We hear the spirits of IRS auditors may be lurking.

  • Stay together.

    As cool as being a ghost with our past leaders may be, please don't become one! Buddy up!

  • Watch your step.

    Again, we don't want you becoming a spirit. ;)

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