Ghost Tour Meeting Location: In front of Charleston City Hall, located at 80 Broad St, Charleston, SC 29401.

Tour Duration: 1hr. across 1 mile

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Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

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Charleston Pub Crawl
Tickets Start At $30

Charleston Terrors Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Join us in a toast to Charleston and the spirits who remain, reaching out to commune with visitors as they have for almost 350 years.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 122 East Bay Street Charleston 29401

Tour TimeTour Times: 5:30 PM

Tour LengthTour Length: 2 Hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Charleston Ghost Tour
Tickets Start At $25

Charleston Terrors: The Ghosts of Pirates and Patriots Past

Underneath Charleston’s alluring southern charm lies a 300-year old history of harrowing hauntings forever tormenting this forsaken city.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 80 Broad St, Charleston, SC 29401

Tour TimeTour Times: 8:00 PM

Tour LengthTour Length: 1 Hour

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Charleston Haunted History Tour
Tickets Start At $25

Charleston Unchained: Pirates and Patriots

Join us to uncover a controversial side of Charleston and peel back the layers of charm to see the real history of the Holy City.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 2 Murray Blvd. Charleston, SC 29401

Tour TimeTour Times: 10:00 AM

Tour LengthTour Length: 2 Hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Charleston Food Tour
Tickets Start At $70

Southern Charm Foods of Charleston Tour

Join our expert guides on a unique culinary journey that will expand your palette and immerse you in the best Charleston eateries.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 82 Queen Street, Charleston SC

Tour TimeTour Times: 1:00 PM

Tour LengthTour Length: 3 Hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Visit the Most Haunted Places in Charleston

Charleston Terrors offers a raw look at the festering underworld of the jewel of South Carolina. Our unique collection of captivating and unnerving historical stories reveals what makes Charleston one of the most compelling haunted locations on the East Coast.

Join us for lesser-known stories of Charleston’s history, from Pirates to the Civil War. Like the waters of the Cooper River, history runs deep and dark around here.


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Blind Tiger Pub

When it comes to the Blind Tiger Pub, the name itself says it all. The name, coined in the late 1800s, was a common phrase that usually described sordid establishments. These places allowed illicit gambling and drinking behind closed doors in an era of increased temperance legislation, as a port city and one of the first to enact laws against drinking. Charleston had many such establishments. The current Blind Tiger pays homage to this side of Charleston’s cultural roots in a historic building that dates back to the early 1800s and boasts many ghostly encounters.



Formally known as the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon, this site is a relic of Charleston’s dark past as a port city. Don’t let the stately Georgian appearance on the street level deceive you, though the basement beneath is filled with eerie halls once occupied by long-dead prisoners, many of whom are said to haunt the building still today. As with the rest of Charleston, there’s more than meets the eye going on behind its elegantly architected walls.


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F.W. Wagener Building

Named after one of Charleston’s most famous businessmen, Frederick Wilhelm Wagener, the F.W. Wagener building was initially constructed to house his cotton and phosphate trading ventures. It earned its haunted reputation after the business downturns following the end of the Civil War pushed one young associate into committing suicide on the third floor. The building has had many afterlives since, as fine-dining restaurants and breweries. However, everyone who works there reports similar ghostly incidents and an inexplicable “chill” coming from the old offices on the upper floors.



Test your bravery, and join us!


What to Expect on Your Charleston Ghost Tour

Charleston may be well-known as one of the country’s most hospitable cities, but underneath the city’s pleasant facade lies a deep history filled with terrifying stories of desperation. As we walk around Charleston’s downtown area at night, you will see places like the Wegener Building, haunted by a nineteenth-century businessman who put his final hope for financial salvation, his last harvest of cotton, on a ship and watched it sail out of the harbor only to catch fire accidentally on the horizon. He hanged himself there and then, and his swinging corpse can sometimes be seen in the top-floor windows of this regal building.

During the day, you can explore Charleston’s beautiful city center and interact with the famously friendly locals. At night, join us and take a trip through the scandalous past of Charleston’s colonial history and beyond. Your tour will help you understand that even in Chucktown, evil can lurk at the very center of civility.

Charleston Terrors is a great way to see the amazing sites of historical Charleston while also getting your fill of the ghostly atmosphere of the city’s most haunted locations. Reserve your Charleston ghost tour today and experience a side of Charleston that not many get to see.




Discover the Horrors That Haunt Charleston

Learn about the Provost Dungeon, where spirits allegedly infect the dreams of those who hold hanging chains from the walls.

Visit the Mills House Hotel, where residents who succumbed to the Great Fire are said to wander the halls.

Discover Poogan’s Porch, a popular restaurant named after the former owner’s dog that is said to still greet people.

Check out the Pirate House, which was once used to entertain pirates and house their illegal black market trade.

Take a walk with us to learn about the ghost of a colonial-era boy who haunts the Powder Magazine of Cumberland Street.


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Why You Should Book Your Charleston Ghost Tour Tonight!


Feel your heart race as you learn more about the history and ghosts at each tour stop, perhaps even seeing something moving in the dark as you walk along the guided path. After all what is more thrilling than a ghost tour?


Are you traveling to Charleston and want to enjoy a fun, family-friendly event? This tour is perfect for kids and adults, and we ensure everyone will have a great time. Bring a date or even the whole family. We’ve had many romances blossom under the stars and not just after someone jumped into the arms of another! Your tour guides are professionals and love telling stories to delight the whole family.


During the Charleston Ghost Tour, you will learn new and fascinating information about the ghastly and surprising history of this many-layered city. Travel back home to tell your family and friends about the memorable stops and the unforgettable stories as well as lesser-known tales you learned during the tour. For instance, did you know Charleston strictly enforced State liquor sales rules and only sold booze one bottle at a time? This encouraged many speakeasies to open, long before Prohibition. You’ll see one on the tour, and discover the legend of the Blind Tiger!


Charleston Terrors ghost tours are fun, even for the non-believer. You don’t need to believe in ghosts to enjoy the tour; the stories are captivating and full of entertaining characters and unbelievable true history. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you will enjoy the stories told and learning more about each historic location. Who knows, something you experience on the tour could make a believer of you yet!


Charleston Terrors offer you a truly memorable experience in one of the most atmospheric cities in the United States. The tour brings everyone together as stories are told about amazing moments in the history of a truly incredible city. You will have fun remembering the highlights of the tour long after your visit is through.